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Testosterone pellet therapy

Considering Testosterone Pellet Therapy in Boston, Massachusetts

Low testosterone levels negatively affect countless men in Boston, Massachusetts. Mood swings, lack of motivation, and reduced desire for sex are all common. But the good news is a reduction in testosterone levels and the symptoms it causes are not just something we must endure as we age. We can fight back. There are new treatments available to improve the lives of men well into distinguished age. One such treatment is testosterone pellet therapy, and it could work for you!

Most people in Boston, Massachusetts and elsewhere have heard of testosterone, but what exactly is its function? It is true that testosterone is a hormone. It is made in the body by the adrenal glands and the testicles. Your body uses cholesterol to create this essential substance.

The production of testosterone begins before birth. During puberty, it increases again. It is essential that all human beings possess testosterone, but women have less than men. Some men have less than others due to any of a number of underlying causes. No matter the cause, there are various treatment methods to choose from. A qualified doctor is the best person to determine the right choice for your situation.

Testosterone pellet therapy is actually quite simple. The testosterone pellets can be inserted in the comfort of our office to deliver a dose of pellets underneath the skin. These pellets will release the correct dosage of testosterone, determined by our physician.

Testosterone pellet therapy has been the most successful of the administrative methods for many people in Boston, Massachusetts. Extensive testing proves that the level of testosterone in the body is the most consistent of the methods offered. Speak with Dr. Zachareas and his staff at Boston Vitality about any symptoms you may notice and the options that would work best for you. Contact us today to book a consultation in Stoneham, Massachusetts and get started.

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