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Why concierge medical care

Why Choosing Concierge Medical Care is the Best Decision for Your Health

How often have you left your doctor’s office feeling frustrated? It took weeks, even months, just to secure an appointment. When you finally saw your doctor, they spent a mere 10 minutes with you, much of that time spent tapping away on a computer without truly listening to your concerns. You walked away feeling unheard, unseen, and untreated.

You’re not alone. The traditional, insurance-driven medical care system treats you like an item on a conveyor belt, pushing you forward with no opportunity to receive the proper care you need. The wait time to see a doctor has been increasing steadily for the past decade, with no signs of improvement.

That’s where concierge medical care comes in. When you visit a private-pay medical office, your needs take priority. It’s no wonder thousands of Americans are choosing the personalized services offered through concierge medicine. While few concierge practices bill your insurance directly, you can still file for reimbursement with your insurance company for any covered charges.

Take a look at the difference that concierge medical services can make.

What Is Concierge Medical Care?

Concierge medical care offers a personalized experience that has been largely lost in traditional healthcare. You pay for the services you receive, and can get insurance reimbursement where available.

In return, you receive individualized care that takes your needs seriously. Enjoy more time with your physician, greater attention, and the ability to schedule appointments that fit your timetable. You have telehealth access to your medical practitioners as needed, and you don’t have to worry about copays and deductibles.

And you don’t have to stress about whether an insurance company will deny you a procedure or treatment based on automated decisions. You get the care you need, as you need it, when you need it.

The Gaps in the Traditional Health Care System

Modern healthcare doesn’t give you enough time with your doctor. Physicians often see up to 40 patients a day due to pressure from insurance companies. They’re paid based on patient volume, so visits can be as short as 10 minutes, even for complex issues. A physician might have a patient list of up to 4,000 people, making it impossible to remember each one from visit to visit.

In contrast, a doctor in a concierge practice sees only a fraction of that patient load. They can spend 30 minutes or more with each patient, and the wait to see a doctor is just a few days, rather than weeks or months. This extra time allows doctors to thoroughly understand patients’ conditions, explain test results, and develop truly individualized treatment plans.

Doctors also love the concierge model. Instead of spending hours on insurance paperwork, they can focus on their patients — the reason they went into medicine in the first place. It’s no surprise that top doctors are moving away from the traditional model to offer services through concierge care.

The Perks and Benefits of Concierge Medical Care

The benefits of concierge medical care are numerous, including easy access to your medical practitioners, quick appointments with short wait times, and deeply personalized care from world-class experts. Let’s take a deeper look.

Strong Relationships Between Patients and Doctors

Spending more time with someone strengthens your relationship, and that’s true with your doctor in a concierge care setting. With greater access and more time at each visit, you can develop the trust and understanding that everyone desires with their doctor.

Specialized Care From World-Class Experts

Your doctor’s office should be a place where everybody knows your name. You want your doctor to remember your concerns and health history, understand all your options, and provide targeted, personalized guidance and treatment. With concierge care, that’s exactly what you get.

At Boston Vitality, our medical professionals are world-class experts who stay current in their fields to connect you with the right treatment for what ails you. Because you’re getting specialized care, your time in the doctor’s office is spent effectively and productively.

Little to No Wait Time

If you totaled the time spent in doctors’ waiting rooms each year, the number might be very discouraging. Add to that the weeks or months it can take to get an appointment, and it’s clear the traditional healthcare system isn’t working as it should. The average person in the United States waits almost a month to see a family medicine practitioner. Specialist wait times can be as long as 10 months.

That frustration (and potential health risks) disappear with concierge medicine. Say goodbye to watching your health decline while waiting for an appointment. Concierge physicians see their patients promptly, respecting your time in every way.

More Time With Your Physician (and More Attention)

Concierge physicians spend two to three times more with each patient compared to traditional primary care doctors. Think about the last time you visited your primary care doctor. You made an appointment late in the day because it fit your schedule, only to find the doctor running behind.


With only 15 minutes allotted per patient, one significant issue can throw off a physician’s entire day. By the time you’re seen, the doctor might be trying to squeeze everyone into shorter slots. You don’t get heard, treated, or advised as needed.

In a concierge medical office, your doctor gives you the time you need. They aren’t overscheduled, so your examination is thorough, and you can discuss all your concerns. Over time, you build a trusting, long-term relationship with your physician.

How Do People Respond to Concierge Medical Care?

Concierge medical care is relatively new, but early research shows that about 97% of concierge patients appreciate the personal care they receive and believe their doctors truly care about them. Overall, one-third more patients are satisfied with their concierge care compared to traditional healthcare options.

Is Concierge Medical Care Right for You?

If you aren’t receiving the specialized care you need from your primary care provider or need access to world-class experts, concierge medical care can make a significant difference. Many people without specialized needs turn to concierge care out of frustration with the traditional, insurance-driven system.

Because concierge care excels in meeting patients’ needs, these practices see incredibly high return rates. They’re clearly fulfilling health care needs that traditional practices leave unmet.

Interested in Concierge Medical Care? Take These Steps

We’re experts in the major fields of hormone therapy for men seeking help with testosterone replacement therapy, HGH Peptide Therapy, Sexual Dysfunction, or Medical Weight Loss.

We’re happy to answer all your questions, including those about cost. Concierge medical care is an investment in your health, which pays off as you go through life. Choosing health care that prioritizes your wellness can significantly improve your life. Contact us today to learn how we can help and what concierge medicine can do for you.


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