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Testosterone Injections

Do you find yourself experiencing constant fatigue? Are you having difficulty concentrating? Are there changes happening to your body that make you uncomfortable, such as loss of muscle mass or loss of body and facial hair? These are all signs and symptoms that could indicate low testosterone levels.

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?

Low T levels affect many men in varying degrees. There are several different symptoms that may show that your testosterone is low. If your primary doctor finds that you have significantly low testosterone levels, the testosterone injection form of TRT at Boston Vitality Center may be the ideal option for you.

You may have low testosterone if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • decreased libido
  • erectile dysfunction
  • loss of muscle mass
  • facial or body hair loss
  • inability to concentrate
  • irritability or depression
  • weight gain

Although many men may experience some of these low T symptoms, consulting with one of our providers at Boston Vitality Center can help you determine if this treatment may benefit you.

What Can I Expect After I Begin Taking The Injections?

Testosterone injections work to restore testosterone levels to their natural states. Over time, you may notice improvements in your mental and physical health.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Testosterone Injections?

Not every man is the perfect candidate for testosterone injections. Some men may have lower levels of testosterone that are not significant enough to justify the injections. Other men may just have lower levels of testosterone as part of the natural aging process. Our providers can ultimately help you determine if this exciting treatment may be right for you during a consultation.

Call Boston Vitality Center in Stoneham today to schedule a consultation that will get you one step closer to a happier, healthier life. We are here to answer any questions you may have and explain just how this treatment can work for you.

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