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Testosterone Injections

Am I a Candidate for Testosterone Injections?

You have probably heard of people receiving testosterone injections in some form or fashion. It is a topic that is fairly heavily covered in the media at this particular time. The reason for the media fascination for it is multi-faceted, but today we are simply going to talk about how you can know if you are a good candidate for testosterone injections.

Your Changing Life

Things change in people’s lives as they age. We know this to be a universal fact and yet it is so difficult to accept in our own lives. We just don’t like to believe that we personally will face some of the same results that others have gone through as they age. It is better to accept the truth and deal with it than to deny the reality.

Some of the changes that you may be facing include:

  • Lower sex drive
  • Increased moodiness
  • Decreases in muscle mass
  • Increases in fat
  • Depression

Every one of these things could be related to the hormones in your body. Men with testosterone levels that are too low often report any or all of these symptoms in their life. If you are facing some of these same issues it may be a good time to look into testosterone injections.

Restoring Balance

Many people who receive testosterone injections for the first time claim that they didn’t know they could feel as good as they do after just that first treatment. It is truly something that is changing lives and making a lot of people a lot happier about their day to day lives.

We would like to have you come in as soon as possible to Boston Vitality so that we may begin to work out a schedule that works for you to begin receiving treatment. The sooner that you receive your treatments the sooner you can start to see results. We are conveniently located in Stoneham, MA. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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There are many symptoms that will help determine if your testosterone levels are low. Take our short quiz to help identify if you may benefit from treatment. 

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