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Does Testosterone Make Men More Honest?

A recent article published by the American Council on Science and Health suggests that testosterone may make men more honest. The article conducted a study of 242 college-aged men and gave half of them testosterone gel and the other half a placebo. The participants who received the gel were overall more honest when asked to roll a die and tell the researchers what the number was (the number they rolled would equal the amount of money they were given for participating in the study).

The researchers were interested in finding out what hormones do to our social decision-making. One of the theories is that testosterone in men may make them fair negotiators and also may compel them to act in certain ways that increase their social standing. It is a fascinating look into the effects that testosterone and other hormones may have on behavior.

Here is a direct link to the article titled “Testosterone May Make Men More Honest”:

Now, we cannot promise you that testosterone replacement therapy will make you fairer or more honest or even a better negotiator, but Boston Vitality is here to help men who are suffering from low testosterone in the Boston area. If you would like to find out what your testosterone levels are, give us a call at 781-399-LowT or visit our website at

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