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The Benefits of IV Hydration

The human body is mostly composed of water. This is why dehydration can be so dangerous. When you lose a significant amount of bodily fluids, you may feel dizzy or get a headache. When you become this ill from dehydration, sometimes the best thing to do is to receive IV hydration. For one thing, rehydrating through an IV will not upset your stomach like trying to drink fluids sometimes could. This makes it possible for your body to recover without greater discomfort. This is also why hospitals have an IV handy in case a patient cannot get and keep liquids down. To understand why IV hydration is so beneficial, it helps to have a clear picture of why people become dehydrated.

Why Do People Become Dehydrated?

There are a number of reasons why people become dehydrated. The simple answer is because they lose fluids, but the body can expel a significant amount of fluids through different avenues. For example, you might be busy outdoors in the heat of the day and not even realize you are becoming dehydrated. Your body is losing fluids through sweating, breathing, and even urinating. By the time your body gets around to alerting you that you need fluids by triggering your thirst response, you might already be in a deeply dehydrated state. Consequently, it is important to hydrate often when you are being active outdoors to prevent yourself from ever reaching this state. Unfortunately, it is easy to get wrapped up in what you are doing and forget to hydrate on a regular basis. This makes heat exhaustion and the dehydration that can follow a common reason for why you may need access to IV hydration.

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If you find that you need immediate IV hydration for any reason, we warmly invite you to get started by reaching out and making an appointment with Boston Vitality Center. As a facility that specializes in IV therapy in Boston, MA, we have the ability to provide you with access to IV hydration as well as other therapeutic uses of an IV. Our caring and devoted staff will be pleased to explain the benefits of this approach and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!

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