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Feel Like You Again with Testosterone Gel

Many picture life as a road. There are many twists and turns that it can take, but in the end all roads lead to the same place. Like any road, and especially those who see a few winters, it becomes damaged. Potholes, pivots, and general crumbling are often a part of the road. Life is much the same way. One of those potholes and pivots is hitting a certain age where your body decides it’s going to reduce the amount of sex hormone in your body. For women, this means that estrogen is decreased and they go through menopause. Men see a decrease in their testosterone levels and experience something known as andropause. Both can come with some unpleasant symptoms. Yet, for men, their suffering could be alleviated through the use of testosterone gel. This article will discuss what testosterone gel and how it can help men feel like themselves again.

Side Effects of Andropause

Men suffer nearly as much as women when hormones start to decrease in the body. Perhaps one of the first things they might notice is a general lack of energy. This is largely due to the fact that testosterone helps to keep the metabolism regulated. Without the metabolism functioning effectively, men often see a gradual gain in their weight. What’s worse is that it seems like it’s harder and harder to lose the weight, too. If that wasn’t bad enough, men may also notice that their muscle mass is starting to decline.

Understandably, men might become a little depressed over these changes. Their energy levels are low, their sex drive isn’t what it used to be, and they may not even recognize themselves in the mirror anymore. Instead of just succumbing to the dregs of aging, you can take action and defy it with testosterone gel.

How Testosterone Gel Helps

The best way to treat a hormone imbalance is to regulate it. Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that does just that. While there are different methods of taking hormones, testosterone gel remains among the easiest. You can undergo a test to determine what your testosterone dosage should be. With that figure in mind, our doctor can prescribe you a gel and inform you where you need to apply it and how often.

With this increase of testosterone, your hormone levels will be back to what they used to be — if not better. Your energy levels will return along with your sex drive. You can keep your muscle mass and help yourself stave off that weight. Essentially, you can return to the man you once knew. By taking testosterone gel issued by Boston Vitality, we can help you feel like your young self regardless of age. We are conveniently located in Stoneham, MA. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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