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Blog Post - Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Is it right for you?

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For most men, feeling tired or drained might be seen as a fact of life. But in some cases, low testosterone could be the major reason for low sex drive and low energy levels. 

Good news is, there are treatments available.

Low testosterone can occur as you age or due to certain medical conditions. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is one of the best resorts for increasing low level of testosterone in men to a normal level.

In addition to boosting sexual function, TRT (also referred to as Low T for low testosterone) may also offer several benefits, including mental sharpness, making men feel more alert, and confident.

Why Testosterone Decreases with Age

According to the American Family Physician, a medical publication in the US, for an average man, the testosterone production decreases by up to 1 or 2% each year. Often, this is a natural process that takes effect at the late 20s and early 30s.

Here’s the Testosterone production rate with age: 
male testosterone production by age

This is an indication that aging causes the testicles to produce less testosterone. As a result of the low T production, the male’s hypothalamus is bound to produce less GnRH or Gonadotropin-releasing hormone.

In turn, the lowered GnRH will induce the pituitary gland to deliver less luteinizing hormone (LH). In the end, overall Testosterone production is primarily the result of low LH.

That being said, a common question that most men struggling with this often ask is “if Testosterone is insufficient, why not replace it?”

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is often recommended for men who exhibit the symptoms of low T. More importantly, a proper diagnosis must confirm that these symptoms are caused by low T. 

You might want to consult with Dr. Michael Zachareas to get medical advice on TRT, if you are a candidate for it and if you could benefit from it.

Effects of Long-term Testosterone Replacement Therapy

To understand the long-term effects of TRT, Researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) and Public Health (BUSPH) worked together with Urologists in Germany.

These researchers wanted to know the effect of Testosterone Replacement Therapy on sexual health and urinary health.

With more than 650 men in their 50s and 60s participating in the study, the research shows that “testosterone treatment improved the overall scores patients received on assessments of their erectile and sexual health. It increased their general well being.”

Methods of Testosterone treatments

To improve low T and general sexual function, there are several types of Testosterone treatment:

i). Injection: Weekly Small injections once a week into the fat of your belly. 

ii). Gels: Daily Testosterone gels such as Testim and AndroGel may be prescribed. When the gel is applied once a day, it releases testosterone which is absorbed by the skin. 

iii). Pellet therapy: Every 4 months There’s an alternative treatment whereby testosterone is injected directly. Small pills or pellets as they are called are implanted in the soft body tissues usually just above the buttocks.  The body absorbs the testosterone directly into the blood over several weeks and this method lasts usually 4 months.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of Low T treatment, it is best to discuss your options with the medical staff at Boston Vitality Testosterone Therapy and determine, if you are a candidate, which method would be best for you.

How to Know if You Have a Low Testosterone 

Making assumptions about your health can be dangerous. So the best way to ascertain whether or not you’re suffering from low T is by consulting Boston Vitality who will conduct a testosterone level test. 

If you’re looking for experts in Testosterone and ED treatments, Boston Vitality is highly recommended.

=> Click the link below to take a free quiz

Given that testosterone levels are affected by various factors such as time of day the test is done and diet, a healthcare provider may conduct the test multiple times to be sure. 

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Since every man and testosterone levels are different, it’d be impossible to get the same results. However, many men have seen a noticeable increase in energy levels, sex drive, and stronger erections. 

Other striking benefits of T therapy is stronger muscle mass, insulin sensitivity in some men, as well as increased bone density.

Some men have also reported a boost in mood from testosterone replacement. These effects are highly individualized — since the human body responds differently to the same treatments, in most cases.

According to Karen Herbst, MD, Ph.D., an endocrinologist at the University of California-San Diego, a specialist in testosterone deficiency, “about 1 in 10 men are “ecstatic” about their reaction to testosterone therapy, while about the same number “don’t notice obvious results.” 

How Much Does TRT Cost?

The costs of Testosterone Replacement Therapy are influenced by several factors (like the method of administration, type of medication), including the type of low T treatment your doctor has prescribed for you.  However the general cost is around $195 a month when included with the Boston Vitality Concierge package.

Remember that TRT doesn’t necessarily treat the underlying factors causing Testosterone deficiency. 

TRT is primarily administered to men with low T to boost their T levels, improved energy, and general health. Hence, it’s important to stick to a long-term treatment if you want a lasting solution.


When you’re tired of low testosterone levels causing low sexual drive and other troublesome symptoms, TRT can be useful. 

After all, a man’s state of mind and confidence can play a significant role in helping them achieve their intended goal of boosting their sexual performance, enhancing energy levels, and living longer. 

Boston Vitality, located in greater Boston, is offering one of the most-efficient Testosterone Replacement Therapy consultation and tests. 

To get tested and treated so you can get your testosterone back, contact Boston Vitality today.

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