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Men In Massachusetts May Be Able To Improve Their Energy, Physique, And Sex Life This Summer with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Massachusetts is re-opened and ready for business. With TRT from Boston Vitality, you may be too.


Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer in Massachusetts, and everyone wants to look and feel their best. Beaches, barbecues, and ball games at Fenway are in full swing, and this year there is even more to celebrate. Governor Baker has determined that as of Friday, May 29th, the mask ordinance and social distancing that has kept the Commonwealth’s collective social game in check for 18 months will be officially over.


Improve Your Energy with TRT

Your heart may want to get out and celebrate this summer, and you know you need to break bad habits developed during quarantine. But you’re feeling sluggish and just don’t have the drive you used to. Just getting out of the house and doing normal activities has become a challenge, and you’re finding it harder and harder to break out of your everyday routine.

This is a very common symptom that men with Low-T face. If you’re not the type to just sit back and accept it as a ‘normal’ sign of getting older then, a TRT program at Boston Vitality might be a great way to treat those symptoms.

Most men who start Testosterone replacement therapy report that they feel a boost in ‘energy’ almost immediately once they have started treatment.

They feel more stamina, more endurance, and more motivation. This renewed sense of energy helps them improve their performance in the office, the gym, or even around the house.

The main reason for this increase in energy is that Testosterone helps promote the production of red blood cells through a process called “erythropoiesis.” When your body is not producing enough red blood cells because of Low-T, your energy levels can crash along with it. When you get your T-levels back to where they belong, your red blood cell production increases, and so will your energy level.

There is also a strong indication that Testosterone has a significant impact on men’s mental well-being. Low-T is often associated with an increase in Cortisol, the so-called – “stress hormone,” and can lead to stress and depression. Conversely, research shows that Testosterone replacement therapy can reverse these trends, as patients will often report an improvement in their mood and a decrease in things such as anger, sadness, and nervousness. A 2016 Study published in the World Journal of Men’s Health claimed, patients who received TRT showed significantly improved BDI (Beck Depression Index) scores at eight months after the intervention, which supports previous reports that TRT improved mood and well-being, and reduced fatigue and irritability in hypogonadal men.”

Whether you’re looking to get back into the gym, want more energy in the office or bedroom, or just want to be able to play longer with the grandkids, TRT from Boston Vitality may be able to help treat your low energy symptoms of Low-T.


Improve your Physique with TRT

Perhaps you’re looking into the mirror and not feeling exactly ready to jump back into the social scene. You’ve put on a few pounds, don’t feel quite as strong as you used to, or maybe you work out but don’t get the same results.

Men can lose as much as 1-2% of their Testosterone production every year starting in their mid-early 30s. Low-T can have a significant impact on your body composition because Testosterone is the key hormone for the development of lean muscle and reduction in body fat in men. Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help men fight these symptoms, improve their physique, and get more from their workouts.

Studies show that “restoring Testosterone levels to within the normal range by using Testosterone replacement therapy can improve many of the effects of hypogonadism” and “Testosterone replacement may be effective in reversing age-dependent body composition changes and associated morbidity. Testosterone administration improves body composition decrease of fat mass, an increase of lean body mass.”

In a 2018 study, men were given either Testosterone injections or a placebo. Those men using TRT had an associated 5.7% increase in lean body mass. Their increases in total body strength, leg strength, and arm strength were between 10-13% when compared to those men given the placebo.


Improve your Sex Life with TRT

Now that you’re looking better and feeling better about yourself, it may also be time to get your love life back on track. And you’re not alone. On May 24th, The Wallstreet Journal quoted Nielsen IQ data that reported that “sales of sexual health products, which includes condoms, were up 32% for the week ended May 1st compared with a year ago,” while sales of cosmetics, perfume, teeth whitener, deodorant, and mouthwash have replaced hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes on top of retailers receipts.

For men with Low-T, sexual symptoms may prevent them from truly enjoying life to the fullest.  Studies show that Testosterone replacement therapy can help men improve their sexual health, performance, and desire.

Researchers in 2016 conducted a landmark study to assess the impact that TRT had on the sex lives of men with Low T. Their research found that men who started TRT (vs. placebo) reported improvements in 10 out of 12 areas of study, including sexual health and overall quality of life. Scientist tracked improvements in:

  • Erectile Function
  • Ejaculation
  • Intercourse
  • Masturbation
  • Orgasms
  • Spontaneous erections during the night
  • Sexual daydreams
  • Anticipation of sex
  • Sexual interactions with their partners
  • Flirting

Men with Low-T also may compound their physical symptoms with depression, mood swings, self-image issues, and other mental health symptoms, as noted above. Testosterone replacement therapy has been shown to help alleviate many of those symptoms leading to an increase in libido and sex drive.


Where Do I find TRT in MA?

If you’re ready to party like it’s 2019 and feel like it’s 1999, call Boston Vitality today.

We have developed a contactless medical protocol during COVID-19 that makes diagnosing and treating symptoms of Low-T and other male health problems simple, safe, and discrete. Call our office today at (781) 399-5698 to get started.

Boston Vitality makes it quick, easy, and safe for men to get the help they need. Call (781) 399-5698 and get your personal life restarted this summer.

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